Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas is over... time for Valentine's Day

So I finally had a chance to take down my Christmas tree today.  I know you must be thinking it's already Jan. 26th you should have taken that down a LONG time ago.  I LOVE Christmas and Decorating the tree is my favorite part, I like to savor it for a while that's why I have a fake tree or else it would be dead with pine needles everywhere.  Plus we were in Cuba for 3 weeks visiting my husbands family for the first time so I had to make up for the lost time.
Christmas Tree before I took it down

I wanted to add a tip for all of you out there with fake Christmas trees.  For my tree you have a base that you add each branch into they are all labeled by color and letter according to the size and where it goes on the tree.  Last year I came up with the brilliant idea to actually be organized...yay!  I bundled up each group of branches with ribbon and labeled them and now they were ready for the next year! This year the tree went up much faster then having to look at each individual branch making decorating that much funner.

My tree all laid out and grouped in order

putting the tree back into the box make sure to put the top of the tree first so when you unpack it you start building from the bottom of the tree

make sure to label each group this one is "Orange I" I just wrote it on a sticky note that I stuck around a ribbon but you can use string or anything you have 

The corner where my tree was is so empty now
Now  I get to decorate for Valentine's Day!  I have a lot of fun ideas of stuff to make so I will post some when I get it done.

I have to add a few photos from Cuba!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All About Made By Pam

Hi!  My name is Pam.

I’m a native Southern Californian and I love everything creative. I love to make everything from sewing, baking, paper crafting, jewelry making, to interior design. Whenever I see something I think, "Hey I can make that."

I went to school for fashion and now I make and sell all of my handmade goods on my Facebook page and craft shows. The name 'Made By Pam' came from when I first started making handmade cards for family and friends, I would always write on the back of the card Made By, Pam. So when thinking of a name for my company I thought that would be perfect, plus it doesn’t limit me to one thing so my creative possibilities are endless.

I would like to add DIY projects so you too can make some crafty things or you can just look at what I’m up to. I will also post events that are going on with Made By Pam.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, hopefully you will find it fun and interesting and would like to follow me.
Me and My Husband!